NEW ZEALAND — Chris Waring took “great care” to protect his players from the malaria and the other infectious diseases, including the coronavirus, that are spreading through the Pacific region.

The Kiwi coach also took time to share the story of how he first became aware of the spread of the coronaval virus through a friend who was infected.

The team is facing a host of challenges, including a new infection, a virus outbreak that has led to some of the most expensive injuries the club has ever suffered, and a severe winter storm that has forced coach Peter O’Mahony to alter some of his practices.

But Waring said he has never had a player diagnosed with the coronivirus, or the flu, or any other infectious disease.

He said the team has a team doctor in the Auckland Hospital who is “on-call 24/7” for the team’s day-to-day needs.

“The virus is one of the biggest things that is affecting us at the moment, because it’s one of those things that you can’t control.

It can get out of control, and we are living with it and that’s not good for us,” Waring told reporters.”

You are going to have players in the community that are going through some really serious illness and the worst case scenario would be that they could get very sick and die.”

Waring said players on the team have received vaccines for the virus, which is “a matter of a few weeks” ahead of the start of training camp.

Waring has been the head coach of the New Zealand team since January, when he took over from Peter Beardsley.

He said he and his players have been in close contact with the health officials, including an “advisory committee” to deal with any issues.

He also said he is “very comfortable” in his own skin and has been able to keep his own cool throughout the crisis.

Wearing a mask while at a game on Saturday, Waring talked about the importance of wearing protective gear, including protective gloves.

The New Zealand men’s team is currently playing in the Pacific Rim tournament, which begins on Saturday in Sydney.

The players’ union has been in contact with both the NZ Football Association and the New Zealander Government to find a solution to the situation.

Wark said he does not want the situation to deteriorate further.

“We have a team of about 60 people and that team is doing a fantastic job, and I have no doubt they are going the right way and they will continue to do so,” Wark said.

“I just think the more information we have, the better we can get to understand it.”


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