Indian herbs are being hailed as “herbal medicines” by some doctors in Australia and New Zealand, who are desperate to find a way to use them.

The New Zealand Health Service says the herbs are used for everything from pain relief to treating a variety of health problems.

“There’s nothing to see here but to get the medicine, you have to get to the source,” Dr Peter Rizzi said.

Dr Rizzis team of doctors have been using herbal remedies for more than a decade to treat a range of ailments.

“The best thing we have is the information we’ve got from indigenous people and they’re very good at giving us advice and they know how to do things and they have the knowledge,” Dr Rizza said.

He said some indigenous people believed the medicinal properties of some of the herbs could help treat some health conditions.

“It’s all a matter of getting the information out there, it’s really important that we get the information and get people to get their heads around it and get the support.”

The New York Times reported in March that the health authorities had approved medicinal cannabis oil for use in Australia, but it was not known if any of the remedies would be approved by New Zealand.

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