Posted November 01, 2018 09:16:56 Many health experts are still debating the safety of herbal medicines and their use in emergencies, such as a person being hospitalized with a severe allergic reaction to a plant or a person taking an allergy medication.

While there is some evidence that herbal medicine can help alleviate pain, many are skeptical that it will have a significant impact on the overall health of an individual.

What you need to know about herbal medicines before you try them out.1.

Do They Work?

The herbal medicines sold on the market do not contain any active ingredients that cause side effects or interfere with the body’s natural process of healing.

The only way they can be effective is if the person is already in a state of full healing, so they should be given a small amount of the medicine to take once a day.2.

Can They Help?

In most cases, they will.

But you can be better prepared for an emergency situation if you follow these steps.1) Choose a herbal medicine that is safe for you and your family.2) Use a little to start.3) Avoid the more potent ones if possible.4) Take the herbs at the recommended dose.5) Do not try to take the whole thing.6) Do NOT give the herbs to a child or a pregnant woman.7) Use caution with herbal medicines for children under age 5.8) Avoid using herbs that contain high doses of caffeine, alcohol, or certain other stimulants, such in coffee or tea.9) Never use herbal medicine in a situation where a person has a fever or cough.10) Don’t be tempted to take a large amount of a herbal product without a doctor’s recommendation.11) When you are sick, always seek medical help.


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