The Chinese Sufi community of Los Angeles is known for its many traditional healing methods, which have been used for thousands of years, including acupuncture, herbal medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

But some in the community say they are getting little help from mainstream medicine.

The Sufi health community is also seeing an influx of immigrants from around the world seeking relief from chronic conditions, such as heart disease, and opioid addiction.

Dr. Michael Wahlberg is the co-director of the University of Southern California’s Department of Integrative Medicine and a board-certified cardiologist.

He’s also a Sufi practitioner.

In addition to the Chinese medicine, he said many Sufi healers use the herbal remedies of Indian, African and Arab cultures.

Dr Wahlburg said most of the people who came to the United States for Sufi healing had suffered from a heart attack, stroke or other medical condition, such the chronic back pain of diabetes.

The Chinese Sufis are a relatively new religion in the U.S., but have a long history in India and other countries.

Wahlberg said some Sufi practitioners are also looking for alternatives to traditional medicine.

“Many of the traditional healers are trying to get some kind of treatment from the practitioners, from the traditional practitioners in India, from China, or from anywhere else,” he said.

“So I think we are seeing more and more people who are doing these kinds of treatments, seeking alternative medicines.”

A new wave of Sufi medicineThe Sufic doctors are finding their way to the West.

In New York City, the Asian-American community has become increasingly interested in traditional Chinese healing.

In fact, the Sufi Health Center, in Manhattan, has a branch in Queens.

The branch, founded in 2011, offers a number of services.

For instance, a Chinese healer who has been working with chronic back pains for more than five years, said she was recently approached by a group of people who wanted to try a Sufism.

The healer asked for the names of people she had been helping, and then asked if they wanted to go to her office.

The practitioner said she did not have the space.

So the practitioner asked to be moved, and she said she would be glad to move.

The group was able to move in.

The clinic has about 50 patients, and the clinic is now open for medical appointments.

The center’s president, Dr. Michael Wang, said he believes the trend is a result of a shift in cultural attitudes in the United State and the rise of Sufisms in other Asian countries.

“There’s a lot of interest from Asian people in these kinds [traditional healing] practices, especially in China,” Wang said.

Wang said that as more Asian people begin to understand Suficism, they may look to traditional Chinese medicines to treat their conditions.

Wangs said he also hopes that the Asian communities that have become more interested in Sufistic medicine may take advantage of the new Sufi clinics and clinics that have sprung up.

In California, there are also several clinics in Los Angeles, including one in South Los Angeles.

The Asian community is eager to see more Sufi doctors in the state, said Lisa Ahern, an Asian American Sufi doctor and a member of the California-based Asian-Americans for Community Empowerment (CA-CAES).

Ahern is also an adjunct professor at the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and was born in the Philippines.

She said she is also interested in finding ways to expand the practice in other states.

Ahern said she has spoken with several Sufi physicians about becoming a member.

“They all say, ‘I want to do this and I want to help people,’ ” she said.

She’s also hopeful that more Sufists in other parts of the world will become active practitioners of Suffism.

A common practice”In many Asian countries, people practice Sufi or the traditional Chinese way of life.

There are many places where Sufist medicine has been practiced for thousands and even millions of years,” Ahern said.

“And it’s important to note that this is a very different way of healing than traditional Chinese healings, where people have to go into the water and put their hands under the water to get rid of the illness.


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