It’s time to stop thinking about menopause as a disease.

And, as the menopausal trend hits the mainstream, it’s time for herbal medicine to step up to the plate.

The problem is that herbal medicine often focuses on the wrong thing, according to researchers.

Instead of focusing on how to help menopausal women get their life back on track, the herbal community is more interested in how to use their herb for the wrong things, such as cancer treatment, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The latest trend is the use of herbal remedies for women to get back on their feet, but it’s unclear if the herbs that are being promoted are safe.

A new study published in the British Medical Journal has identified some of the most toxic herbs, which may pose a risk for women who take them for pain or inflammation.

The findings are particularly alarming considering the herb was recently banned in Germany, Canada and the U.K. because it’s considered to be toxic.

This is especially alarming considering that the herbs are being touted as a natural treatment for menopausal symptoms and are often promoted as being safe and effective.

The study’s authors, researchers from the University of Bristol and the University College London, looked at herbal products sold on the online retailer Amazon.

They looked at more than 1,000 products and concluded that herbal remedies are being marketed as natural treatments for women, but the study found that more than 100 of them contained toxic ingredients.

For example, more than 60% of herbal products were labelled as containing “essential oils,” which can cause a number of health issues.

These ingredients include: peppermint, rosemary, yarrow, clove, clover, black pepper, clorox, coriander, rosehip, and cinnamon.

These oils have been linked to cardiovascular disease, and studies have linked them to migraines and other health problems.

According to the report, these products are often touted as being safer than conventional treatments.

However, these claims have not been independently verified.

The researchers also found that a significant number of the herbal products are not listed as safe on Amazon.

Many of these products contained potentially toxic ingredients, such like: ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, cloves, peppermint and rosemary.

Some herbal products also contained synthetic or synthetic-derived chemicals, which are considered less toxic than natural ones.

These substances included: cinnamon, clary sage, sage, thyme, thyrax, clobetasol, and chamomile.

Many herbal products contained harmful or potentially toxic additives, including: glycerin, sodium benzoate, citric acid, propylene glycol, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate and sodium laureth sulfoate.

For a product that is being marketed to treat menopuexia and womenopausal symptoms, it seems like the herbal medicine industry is trying to be the one to tell women how to take their herbs, rather than women who need their medicine.

It’s not clear whether these herbal remedies should be used to treat symptoms of menopometra, as some women have been known to take it.

But it does raise questions about whether herbal remedies can be considered as safe or effective.

There are many herbal remedies out there, and many women have found success using them.

This study is only a small piece of a larger body of research that has been looking at the potential for herbal medicines to harm women.

It also highlights how herbal medicine is not always considered as a safe alternative to conventional medicine, and could be harmful to women and the menopuition process.

The bottom line is that it’s up to women to make the healthiest choices when it comes to their health care and lifestyle.

These herbal remedies aren’t safe, and some are even dangerous.

This may be a big issue for women considering using these remedies to manage symptoms of aging, since many herbal products contain ingredients that can cause serious health issues and can cause side effects, such an asthma inhaler.

This should not be a reason to avoid herbal medicine or to give up on it altogether.

There is also a growing body of evidence that herbal products may be more harmful than safe, with some of them potentially dangerous.

In fact, the herb used in this study was banned in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, the U, and Canada, and the United States.

So if you or someone you know has health issues related to menopaus, it may be worth getting a prescription for an herbal remedy, as there are a lot of options out there to help.

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