A natural herbal company has sold snake venom that was given to Chinese police officers to treat the snake bite in an investigation into an anti-government protest in Shanghai.

The venom, which is not FDA-approved, was given as a placebo by an undercover officer to Chinese officers who were part of the “counter-demonstration team,” according to a copy of the contract obtained by Fox News.

The contract says the officer, a senior official from the China Anti-Corruption Commission, has been paid up to $2,000 for his efforts.

The poison was given by a pharmacist who was a consultant for the company and not a vendor, the contract said.

The company also gave the snake venom in its lab.

The agency is probing the case after an employee said he was told by a Chinese police official to use the poison to treat an anti, anti-riot protester, according to the contract.

The officer, who has not been identified, said he didn’t receive the snake-bite poison but he received a letter in which a Chinese official said he had given it to him.

The snake venom was given in a lab at the company’s headquarters in the western city of Shenzhen, according the contract and a translation of the document obtained by the news outlet.

It said the snake “has the characteristics of a snake venom, and is able to attract the attention of the body.”

The contract states that the poison was delivered to the Chinese consulate in the U.K. on Tuesday and that the venom was later delivered to U.N. headquarters in New York.

The U.B.C. Health and Safety Executive says it’s the first known case of snake venom being given to a foreign government in the past five years.

The Chinese health authority, the Ministry of Public Security, and the United States State Department have confirmed that the poisoned snake venom had been delivered to a U.W. Embassy in Beijing, and a U,S.

official said the poison had been sent to a United Nations agency in New Zealand.

A U.U.S., U.M. and U.I. official told Fox News that they had not yet received any information from the Chinese health authorities about the poison.

“We have no further information at this time,” one of the officials said.

Another official with knowledge of the case told Fox that the U,M.

official had heard of a case of poison giving to a Chinese government agency.

The toxin was first identified in 2011 when a Chinese medical journal published a paper reporting a case where a person had died after consuming a poisoned snake.

That case has not received any attention in the media, the official said.

“This is a very interesting case, but we have not had any other reports of it,” the official told the news organization.

China is a top supplier of the world’s most toxic drugs, including the potent neurotoxin vinclozolin, the active ingredient in the anti-cancer drug methotrexate, which kills more than 20,000 people a year.

China has also long been accused of using poison to suppress dissent, a practice that critics say has resulted in thousands of deaths.


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