I have had my fair share of patients with various ailments over the years and my patients have been telling me that herbal remedies have helped them with a variety of issues, but they are still asking, “what does it do for me?”

One of the best things about clinical herbalism is that it is not something you take every day or a habit that you have acquired.

It is a journey and a journey is not a fixed pattern.

There are many aspects of herbal medicine that are very important, but the most important thing is that you get it in your body naturally.

Here are some key points: 1.

A small dose of a specific herbal medicine can help a person with a wide variety of ailments.


It does not necessarily require that you be prescribed the herb or the medicine itself.


There is no need to be in the mood to take a medication.

It can be taken at any time and you can use it as a prelude to taking any medication that you would like.


You do not need to have an allergy to any of the herbs mentioned.


The best part is that herbal medicines are free to use and there is no cost associated with the use of any of them.