As many as 60 million Indians have been treated with trillumis over the last few decades.

However, as the herbal market has grown, there are more and more people who are trying to find ways to treat their health problems without the use of a drug or a medical device.

But are they doing the right thing?

A new study has found that trillums have several positive side effects that are not always reported by patients and their doctors.

The research has also found that these side effects may be associated with different aspects of the herbals use.

The researchers have examined more than 60 trillumes that were marketed as herbal products in India.

The studies used a variety of diagnostic tests to check for different ailments, including:1.

Headache and migraine headaches2.

Muscle pains3.

Constipation and diarrhea4.


Sleep disturbance6.

Pain with tight muscles7.

Dry mouth8.

Heart palpitations9.

Headaches with aching muscles10.

Irritability and irritability in the stomach11.


Joint pain13.

Nausea and vomiting14.

Weight gain15.

Sleep problems16.

Weight loss17.

Skin rashes18.


Nerve problems20.

Dry cough21.




Head pain25.

Skin rash26.

Dry skin27.

Fever and chills28.

Fatty smell29.

Irregular heartbeat30.

Dry eyes31.

Dry scalp32.


Sudden cough34.

Fat in the mouth35.

Dry eye36.

Skin problems37.

Skin pain38.


Skin eruptions40.

Dry feeling41.

Constipating symptoms42.

Fat and fat deposits43.

Acne and acne-like rash44.

Sore throat45.

Rash on the skin46.

Fat on the face47.

Dry throat48.


Dry nose50.


Fat-rich food52.

Dry urine53.

Irreversible changes in hair54.

Fat droplets55.

Dry body56.

Fat deposits57.

Dry breath58.

Hair loss59.

Fat increase60.

Fat accumulation61.

Fat loss62.

Loss of muscle and fat in the body63.

Loss in muscle and muscle tissue64.


Skin atrophy66.

Skin changes67.

Skin thickening68.

Skin loss69.

Dry lips70.

Skin ulcers71.

Fat buildup72.

Fatiness and dryness73.

Skin inflammation74.

Skin damage75.

Dry hair76.

Hair growth77.

Loss on the body and skin78.

Loss from body79.

Loss or loss of facial hair80.

Loss hair colour81.

Lossskin from the body82.

Loss to the skin83.

Skin dryness84.

Fatness and loss of skin85.

Loss eye and eyelashes86.

Loss body hair87.

Loss eyelashes88.

Loss fat on the eyelids89.

Loss skin and skin colour90.

Loss facial hair91.

Loss mouth colour92.

Loss ears93.

Loss teeth94.

Loss hands and feet95.

Loss nails and fingers96.

Loss legs97.

Loss nose and lips98.

Loss fingers and feet99.

Loss eyes and ears100.

Loss limbs101.

Loss feet and toes102.

Loss neck and chest103.

Loss head and neck104.

Loss arms and legs105.

Loss joints and muscles106.

Loss muscle and bone107.

Loss bone and soft tissue108.

Loss nerve tissue109.

Loss muscles and bones110.

Loss vision111.

Loss taste112.

Loss smell113.

Loss hearing114.

Loss touch115.

Loss balance116.

Loss movement117.

Loss breath118.

Loss memory119.

Loss sight120.

Loss consciousness121.

Loss dreams122.

Loss emotions123.

Loss personality124.

Loss emotionality125.

Loss self-esteem126.

Loss pleasure127.

Loss relationship128.

Loss sense of self129.

Loss trust130.

Loss friendship131.

Loss cooperation132.

Loss communication133.

Loss commitment134.

Loss companionship135.

Loss responsibility136.

Loss independence137.

Loss desire138.

Loss empathy139.

Loss compassion140.

Loss caring141.

Loss forgiveness142.

Loss sacrifice143.

Loss remorse144.

Loss guilt145.

Loss humility146.

Loss regret147.

Loss shame148.

Loss anger149.

Loss pity150.

Loss grief151.

Loss concern152.

Loss curiosity153.

Loss gratitude154.

Loss fear155.

Loss skepticism156.

Loss acceptance157.

Loss pride158.

Loss love159.

Loss joy160.

Loss anxiety161.

Loss tolerance162.

Loss indifference163.

Loss depression164.

Loss frustration165.

Loss loss of energy166.

Loss hope167.

Loss failure168.

Loss disappointment169.

Loss confusion170.

Loss doubt171.

Loss resignation172.

Loss cynicism173.

Loss hesitation174.


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