There’s a growing number of Chinese herbal remedies that can be purchased online for under $20.

But when it comes to buying them online, the US is often the only country where they’re available.

That’s because the US government requires Chinese herbal medicines to be imported.

In order to get those drugs into the country, however, the manufacturers need to be approved by the FDA.

And that approval process takes about a year.

The good news is that many Chinese herbalists are already making their drugs online, and the price is dropping fast.

The bad news is there’s not a whole lot that can or should be done to prevent people from buying these drugs online.

That means that, even with a small supply of Chinese herbs, the number of people who could be exposed to potentially harmful toxins from them is increasing.

But some are now asking the FDA to take action.

Dr. John D. Onder, an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota, has a long history of researching the dangers of China’s herbal medicine.

He believes the problem with online access to Chinese herbal products is that there’s no regulatory oversight.

“If they don’t have the FDA, then the manufacturers are going to get away with it, because there’s none,” Onder told TechCrunch.

Onder is also concerned about what happens when people have access to those drugs online and are then exposed to those toxins.

He’s seen a rise in the number that have been linked to autism.

In addition, Onder said that when Chinese herbal drugs were approved for the US, there were very few manufacturers that were willing to provide their products to people in the United States.

That led to an even greater market for Chinese herbal treatments.

“They’re going to make a lot of money, because they’re going through a lot more approvals,” Oberner said.

“There’s a lot that they can do in the U.S., so there’s a big incentive for them to do it.”

The problem with the current FDA system is that the agency is not always able to intervene quickly enough to stop these products from going unregulated.

Obernder believes that the FDA should be empowered to take some action when it does, and that it should require Chinese herbal makers to have their products licensed for import.

He believes that’s an important step, given that China’s drug approval process is often slow and bureaucratic.

And he believes it would also help prevent people who might be exposed from buying Chinese herbal medication online.

“It would also be good if they’re not taking that risk,” he said.

“There is no evidence that the drugs are any safer than conventional medicines.”

He also pointed out that there are ways to make Chinese herbal pills less toxic than traditional pills, which would help people who are allergic to those pills.

The US is not the only place where Chinese herbal sellers are making their medicines available for free online.

In the UK, the drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline has been making its herbal pill available for about a month.

And it’s available to anyone who wants to buy it online.

But for now, Oberder and his team are focusing on making sure that the Chinese herbal companies don’t make these pills without the FDA’s permission.

They’re also going to have to figure out how to make the drugs in a way that doesn’t pose a health risk to anyone else.


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