Health officials in Indonesia are investigating a possible link with the deadly measles outbreak in neighbouring Malaysia.

Key points:Dr Andrew Fowkes, a consultant paediatrician in Sydney, says he has received reports of measles in IndonesiaDr Fowke says he is concerned about an increase in cases from IndonesiaA medical doctor in Indonesia has also been diagnosed with measles in the past.

“I’ve had some reports that are concerning.

I’ve had reports from my patients,” Dr Fowes said.”

It has been quite a few patients I’ve worked with.

They’ve reported a spike in their cases.”

There is an increase of measles cases.

We’ve been hearing of cases in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Thailand and in the UK.

“Dr Fonke said he was worried about an increasing number of patients who have reported they were exposed to the measles.”

The measles cases that we’ve seen, I think, are increasing in Indonesia,” he said.

Dr Fooke said that the Indonesian authorities were trying to ascertain what was causing the increase in the cases, but that there was nothing they could do about it.”

We need to look at the underlying cause.

The underlying cause, the underlying reason, is the same in Indonesia as it is in Malaysia,” he told 7.30.”

They are having outbreaks of measles, we are not.

The measles cases in Malaysia are growing in Indonesia.

That’s the only explanation for the increase that we are seeing.

“Dr Tom Meehan, an infectious disease specialist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, said it was unclear whether the rise was a result of an increase or an increase occurring from other factors.”

At the moment there is no definitive evidence that it is a case of an infectious virus, and that’s why it is important that we do not rush to judgement at this point,” he wrote on Facebook.”

However, we have received some reports from patients who are suffering from measles.

It is not yet clear whether the outbreak is linked to other factors, such as travel from overseas, the vaccination rate of the population, or vaccination against another virus, such a coronavirus.

“Further testing of laboratory specimens is needed to ascertain the true nature of the outbreak.”

Dr Meeham said the coronaviruses were also being reported from other parts of Asia, including South Korea, Thailand, China and Vietnam.

“This is a very significant outbreak, it’s the largest in the region and we are in the midst of a very active coronaviral outbreak,” he added.

“These outbreaks are a concern, but we have not yet seen a confirmed case in Australia.”

So we are waiting to see what is going on with this outbreak.

We do know that measles is very infectious and it has a high mortality rate, and we do know it can cause very severe illness.

“Dr Peter Jackson, from the University of Queensland, said there were concerns about the spread of the virus.”

A lot of these outbreaks are associated with the use of imported products, so this is not surprising,” he explained.”

People are using imported products because of their health concerns, so there’s a lot of people going overseas for those things.

“That is one of the things that is worrying us about the situation in Indonesia at the moment.”

Dr Jackson said it would be very difficult to know what was driving the increase.

“While we don’t know the cause of the increase, it does appear that the virus is increasing in countries around the world,” he argued.

“What we know about it, is that we see a spike of cases and it looks like it’s associated with a number of different factors, including a rise in coronaviroctosis cases.”

He said the increase was worrying because it was not uncommon for the coronovirus to spike around a pandemic.

“If it’s a spike that’s associated to the use and import of imported vaccines, it may increase the incidence of the disease in the country where the vaccine is being used,” he noted.

Dr Robert O’Donovan, the chief infectious disease officer of Australia’s Department of Health, said that while there was no specific case-count data to confirm the increase he believed it was plausible.””

So we need to keep an eye on this as we have seen this spike in cases.”

Dr Robert O’Donovan, the chief infectious disease officer of Australia’s Department of Health, said that while there was no specific case-count data to confirm the increase he believed it was plausible.

“Australia is not currently experiencing an increase and it would seem to be a trend in the countries where cases have increased, but there is not enough data to prove that,” he advised.

“In fact, the highest incidence is in countries where we have had high-level outbreaks.”

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPP) issued a statement on Wednesday afternoon saying that “the Government is aware of reports of suspected cases of measles reported from Indonesia”.

“We take any reports of potential cases of suspected measles very seriously and are working closely with the relevant authorities to determine the cause


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