Cuban herbal medicines for cancer treatments are being offered by health authorities to patients who want them, according to a local media report.

The reports came as Cuba launched a nationwide campaign to promote and distribute its herbal medicines.

The country’s health minister, Jose Antonio López, said that his ministry will give all Cubans free doses of medicines made by G.L.G. Coors in the U.S. and Canada.

The company says it uses Cuban-made ingredients.

“We will not use anything foreign and we will not sell it to anyone, not even our own government,” Lózsa told reporters in Havana on Wednesday.

“We will continue to do everything to get the products, to get access to them.”

The G.E. Co. is one of the biggest U.F.O. distributors of herbal medicines in Cuba, but it has faced accusations of being too cozy with the government.

The U.K.-based company was granted licenses to import some medicines to Cuba in 2015 under a program called Havana Airlift, which gave it a wide variety of medical products.

But after a series of scandals involving the shipment of U.N. medicine, the company was shut down by Cuba’s authorities.

The Grolins are the only Cuban company to be allowed to export to the U, with only limited shipments of their medicines.

Lózsas office declined to comment on the rumors, saying it would be up to the Cuban authorities to determine whether they were accurate.

Grolins has been in Cuba since 2012 and is the countrys largest producer of organic herbs and organic vitamins.

In 2015, the health ministry issued an order to distribute the Coors brand to the public.

Lózin said the government would give the Coons the chance to compete for the government’s business, but would limit the use of foreign ingredients.

The products are made from local ingredients and are safe for people over 65, and are made of high-quality natural ingredients, said Lózar.

The health minister said the Grolin company is not the only company that will receive the product, but the most popular.

He said the country would continue to distribute free doses to people with cancer treatment requests.


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