Engadgets article The best herbal medicine is a mystery to most people, but a new survey suggests it’s a much harder task to determine the right one than you might think.

The online survey by Wider and Diversified found that while there are a number of herbal medicines on the market, the one you actually need to buy may be a mystery.

The survey asked more than 1,000 consumers to select the “right” herbal medicine for their skin, hair, and digestive health, and found that many people are unsure of which herbal product is right for them.

The results were surprising, as more than half of respondents said they had no idea which herbal treatment is best for them, and more than 40 percent said they’d never tried a natural treatment before.

Wider and Dr. Diversify surveyed more than 4,000 people on their answers to a series of questions, including:What are the main differences between different herbal medicines?

What are the benefits and side effects of each?

Which herbal medicines should I get?

What are some other herbal remedies that are also safe and effective?

How do I use each one?

Why are there so many different types of herbal remedies?

What can you do to learn more about herbal medicine?

According to the survey, herbal medicines are often listed under multiple brands and brands are often advertised as safe, effective, and nontoxic, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are.

According to the website for Wider & Diversiated, the brand names for many herbal medicines include “H.D.W.W.,” “L.A.H.W.,” “B.J.A.,” and “S.H.”

The company offers a list of the active ingredients of all of these herbal medicines, but the actual ingredient lists aren’t always clear, and some of the products are often marketed as non-prescription drugs or herbs.

For example, many herbal remedies advertised as nonprescription medications claim that they are safe, while others are sold as herbal remedies or are listed as natural and effective.

Wider&Diversified said the companies aren’t responsible for any of the results of the survey.

The most common questions asked in the survey were:What types of herbs and treatments are used to treat different conditions?

Do you need more information about the herbal medicine you should get?

Which natural remedies are recommended for treating digestive problems?

Which non-natural herbal medicines can I use to treat skin issues?

What kinds of supplements should I use?

What types and dosages should I be using for my health?

What’s the best way to find out what herbs and natural treatments are best for my skin?

The survey found that most respondents had no knowledge of what types of plants or herbs are best used to heal the skin or for treating chronic illnesses, and that they often believe there’s no difference between herbal and non-herbal remedies.

Many people also said that the non-health products are safe and they don’t need to be taken daily.

“It’s really a mystery,” one respondent said.

“If you don’t know what to look for, how to use it, or how to tell whether it’s the right herbal treatment, then it might not be the right treatment for you.”

Another respondent said that many herbal treatments were listed as “natural” or “non-prescriptive,” but that the labels are sometimes misleading, and people are often asked to purchase multiple products to see which one is best.

“The ingredients are listed on the label, but it doesn’t always make sense, or it’s confusing,” said one respondent.

Another respondent added that the information isn’t always accurate because the ingredients listed on a herbal medicine label aren’t necessarily what’s actually in the product.

“Some herbs have different ingredients, some herbs have medicinal properties, some have non-medicinal properties, and so on,” said another respondent.

“It’s all a bit confusing.

There’s no clear cut way to look at which herbs are safe or effective.”

The survey also asked respondents to identify the most effective treatments for their problems.

Nearly half of the respondents said that their favorite herbal remedies are “top-rated” and that their favorites are “super-effective.”

One of the most common reasons why people are choosing to use herbal remedies is to manage their allergies and chronic conditions, but another common reason is to avoid the side effects associated with conventional remedies.

According, more than 60 percent of respondents cited lack of efficacy as their reason for choosing a herbal treatment.

According to Wider, the survey also found that the average amount of time it takes to get the right natural remedy is significantly longer than people expect.

The survey asked participants to rank the natural remedies they’d most like to use and compare their answers with their answers on a scale from 1 (not at all effective) to 10 (very effective).

The top natural remedies were “natural,” “nonprescriptiv, and nonpharm


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