Postgraduate students can get a better understanding of papaya plants and herbs, by getting the proper preparation for them.

A number of postgraduate courses offer herbal medicine courses, which can be used in conjunction with postgraduate work.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of them.


Get the right preparation 1.

Read the herbal medicine instructions for the herb before you begin.

Some herbs require special preparation before they are suitable for use, so make sure you read the instructions for each herb carefully.

If you need to use the herb in a particular way, be sure to check the ingredients in the ingredients list before you buy it.2.

Keep the herb fresh 2.

When using a herb that is highly potent, you should not use it immediately after consuming it.

Wait for at least 24 hours after consumption to use it.

You should not take a high dose of the herb.3.

Use only the correct preparation1.

Read and understand the herbal medicines instructions carefully.


If your health is not good, you may want to consult a doctor or a herbal specialist before using any herbal medicine.

You may need to wait for an appointment to discuss any concerns.3,4.

Be careful about using herbs that have been in the ground or stored for a long timeSource: University of Western Australia / Alamy 5.

Look for the best herbs for your condition1.

Be aware of the risks associated with using certain herbs.

Be cautious if you have any symptoms of an illness or an allergy.

If possible, check the product labels to make sure they are safe to use.


Be mindful of your own health1.

Check the label to make certain you are getting the most effective herb for your health.

Check with your GP before you use any herbal.

Be very cautious about using any herb that has been stored for longer than a week.

You can check the shelf life on the label, as well as the packaging for any herb you plan to use with it.

Be sure to read all directions carefully before using a new herb.4.

Make sure you have a safe dose1.

Use your own judgement when choosing herbs.

Ask a herbalist for advice if you need a different herb for use with your condition.

Ask your doctor or herbal specialist if you are unsure if a particular herb is safe for you.2,3,6,7,8,9.

Keep an eye on your herbs and their shelf lifeSource: Alamy 10.

Get advice from a doctor1.

Ask for advice from your GP if you or someone you know has a health problem or a health concern.

If there is no doctor, you can talk to a nurse or pharmacist about any concerns you have.

If it is a serious health problem, talk to your GP, nurse or doctor.

A GP or nurse can also advise you about taking the medicine if you feel it is appropriate for you, for your family, and for your lifestyle.

Talk to your doctor about any changes in your symptoms and symptoms that you may experience over time.

You will need to discuss your symptoms with them.

2 and 3 are good ways to get more information.1,2,5,6.

Find a local health clinic1.

You could check a local pharmacy or health clinic for advice about herbal medicine for your needs.

You might want to find a health professional who has experience with papaya, or any other herb.2 and 4 are good places to get help if you think you may be using a different herbal medicine than the one you have used previously.3 and 5 are places to talk to other people with similar symptoms.

You and other people you know could also ask to be tested.4 and 6 are places where you can get advice from the local pharmacist or health practitioner.1.

Make a list of your herbsYou could use a guide to help with your herbs, or find a herbal medicine to try and find a particular one for you if you do not know any of them well.

If using a lot of herbs, be careful about the amount you use.

Some can be very strong and can be extremely addictive.

You cannot always choose the herb you are using, but you can choose what you use carefully and find the one that suits your needs the most.2 If you are feeling ill or have any other symptoms, you might want a doctor to help find a new herbal medicine that suits you better.

You can find a list by searching online and in the Australian Pharmacopoeia (APS) database.

The list will have a list and number of herbs for each drug, along with their effect on you.

This information can help you choose the best herbal medicine based on your symptoms.3If you have symptoms, like a rash, it could be important to talk with your doctor.

They may be able to help advise you on which herbal medicine is right for you and how to use that medicine effectively.

They can also ask you


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