Some cancer patients have tried to make herbal remedies work by taking a probiotic and adding garlic to their treatment.

But researchers at the University of Oxford are now looking at how to help cancer patients take advantage of a natural substance, Betonica herbs, to help fight cancer.

The Betonica family of herbs is a mixture of herbs known as the Betonaceae family.

Some of these herbs are also used to treat a number of ailments including depression, asthma, and cancer.

According to the research, Betonanthus is a compound that is found in Betonica leaves and is also used in the treatment of anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, and other health conditions.

The study involved researchers at Oxford University, the University Hospital of Ghent, the Medical Research Council (MRC), the University College London, the Institute of Biological Sciences, the Royal Marsden Hospital, and the University Hospitals of Gouda, Zurich, and involved 10 healthy patients.

All 10 patients took Betonica herb supplements twice daily for three months.

One patient, who was on a high dose of betonica herb for cancer, took one dose daily, the other two took two doses daily, and one patient took three doses daily.

All 10 of the patients were treated with a single dose of Betonica herbal solution that contained 50 mg of Betonanus leaf extract.

The research also involved comparing the results of each patient on Betonica extract with the results on placebo.

Each of the 10 patients was given Betonica tablets to take orally, and each patient had to take the same amount of Betonia herb.

After taking Betonica capsules, all 10 patients were given the same Betonica pills, and all 10 of them also had to fill up their stomachs with Betonica supplements.

Each patient had the Betonica pill mixed with Betonans herb mix for at least six hours before taking the Betons pill.

Each participant also had a blood test taken in their stomach to measure the levels of a particular molecule, Betonic acid.

Each of those patients had their stomach tested to see how much of the Betonic Acid they were consuming.

During the study, the researchers did a blood pressure test, which showed that the patients on the Betono herbs had a significantly lower blood pressure than the placebo group.

“The Betonas are known for their beneficial properties for many different types of cancer, including colorectal cancer,” said Dr. Roberta Breen, one of the researchers from Oxford’s Department of Clinical Medicine.

“It is important to understand the potential health benefits of Betonyllus and to be able to make it available to cancer patients.”

Dr. Breen added that Betonannus herbs could be used to help with cancer treatment in a variety of ways, including by: reducing inflammation in the gut, improving energy, reducing pain, improving memory, and lowering blood pressure.

“There is also evidence that Betons effects on immune function may have a positive impact on colon cancer.

It has been well established that Betonyellus has anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce inflammation in cancer cells,” she said.”

This may be important because the immune system is key to the development of cancer.”


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