In the spring of 2020, as she was starting her medical career, Kelly Cauley-Parry was on her way to a family event in Texas.

She didn’t realize she was getting married.

She had never been married.

Her husband, Joe, was a surgeon and he had recently retired, so she was living in a hotel.

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I got married,” Cauly said.

She was excited to get married, and had her first ultrasound at a local hospital in Houston.

She found out the pregnancy was going to be her first and her first pregnancy was her last.

She took off on a journey, with Joe and her fiancee, Sean, who had come to Houston from California.

Kelly Caucley-Potry, now the CEO of Texas herbal medicine cabinet company Cauleys, is seen in this undated file photo.

“The process of getting to know the client and finding out their needs was just really amazing,” she said.

Caulyn was working as a nurse practitioner in the ER at the time and, while the hospital was operating under strict guidelines, she was working with a team of herbalists to determine what kind of medications needed to be given to a patient with a high fever and who had a history of taking high doses of anti-inflammatory drugs.

While working in the hospital, Kelly worked closely with the patients on their pain medications.

She also helped them learn about their health care needs.

Her work at the hospital helped her to realize she needed a second opinion and, as the hospital began to lose some revenue, she decided to go into private practice.

Cauclyn has been with Cauys for more than 10 years.

She said she is proud to be in the medical profession and that she is a role model for other herbalists and nurses.

The job at the herbal medicine Cabinet Company was very exciting and it gave me a lot of freedom to pursue my passions,” she added.

After she began, Cauily had to adapt her approach.

She has now been a full-time herbalist for more, but said she has never considered a career in medicine. “

When you’re in the position where you’re providing care to patients, you want to be a little bit more strategic about it,” she explained.

She has now been a full-time herbalist for more, but said she has never considered a career in medicine.

Kelly Caucy-Pry, pictured with her husband, Sean Caulynn, who has been in the herbal medicines business for more Than 10 years, has since retired.

She says she is glad she took a chance on her entrepreneurial spirit and not a career as a physician.

“It’s something I really enjoyed and I really love doing,” she says.

But what Caury-Pery is now trying to say is that it’s not just about the money.

It’s also about the compassion.

After years of being on the margins of medicine, Caucys personal passion for herbal medicine has now come to the forefront, she said, with her family.

As she got older, Cacys family became more aware of the need for herbal medicines, so Caulys daughter, Tiffany, started the Caullys herbal medicine family, and her son, Jacob, is now a co-founder of the company.

Cucys granddaughter, Jessica, is also involved with the company and has been involved in herbal medicine as well.

“You can’t say you don’t want to have an interest in it, but if you’re not really passionate about it, you don-t have a lot,” she admitted.

Cauley says that the health care industry has been trying to “mislead” people about the benefits of herbal medicine.

It’s a “bait and switch” that is “very, very wrong,” she adds.

With her business, Caunys says she hopes her experience and her passion can help people make informed decisions about the health of their family.


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