By now, you’ve probably seen the headlines claiming that CBD oil has “superpowers” over CBD.

You may have even heard that CBD has been shown to be safe and effective in treating everything from arthritis to cancer.

However, a new study suggests that these claims may be wrong.

The Journal of Biological Chemistry has published a paper describing what the journal describes as “the first systematic review and meta-analysis” of the use of CBD in clinical trials.

It has concluded that CBD is not currently being studied clinically for the treatment of any medical condition.

What’s more, there’s still a lot more research needed to determine whether CBD is safe for humans.

That research, according to the Journal, will “reveal if there are any health benefits of CBD oil for the majority of humans.”

So, what does this mean for CBD oil research?

According to the paper, the “study findings should not be interpreted as definitive evidence that CBD therapy is safe or effective for humans.”

This means that CBD may not be as effective for treating specific conditions as we’ve heard it is.

For example, a recent study from the University of Utah found that CBD actually reduces inflammation in cancer patients, so the research does suggest that CBD could be effective for cancer patients.

Additionally, the research also suggests that CBD “may have some potential to prevent or slow the progression of cancer.”

If CBD oil is indeed safe and beneficial for cancer, it’s probably better to wait until further studies are conducted to find out.

But as the paper points out, there are many more studies that need to be conducted before we can definitively say that CBD for the purposes of cancer treatment is safe and efficacious.

How is CBD tested for safety?

Researchers at the University in Munich are currently working on a clinical trial using CBD oil to treat cancer patients with aggressive metastatic melanoma.

The trial will be funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and will involve testing on a “small group of patients” at the German Institute of Cancer Research (IGB) in Hamburg.

The study will also involve testing “all patients at the same time” and “with a small number of patients at different stages of disease.”

The trial is expected to last between six months and three years, and the results will be available within five years.

How will this affect CBD oil prices?

The new study also says that CBD should not compete with CBD-based therapies for the market.

“The potential of the combination of CBD and other cannabinoids to alleviate cancer-related symptoms is currently under active investigation, and therefore, the efficacy of this combination is still unknown,” the paper states.

That’s why it’s not a surprise that CBD prices are currently “in the low- to mid-single digits” in the US.

However it does mean that CBD can’t compete with other therapies, like chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

“If the clinical use of this mixture is limited, it may not compete well with conventional therapies for cancer treatment,” the study explains.

What does this study mean for consumers?

According the paper’s abstract, CBD is “currently considered an experimental drug, and its use should be carefully evaluated in the context of the available research on its efficacy and safety.”

For now, there is little to no information available about how CBD oil compares to other treatments, but that’s likely to change as more studies are completed.

For now there’s plenty of reason to stay away from CBD oil, and that’s especially true if you’re in the market for a CBD-infused product.

“As this is still a relatively young industry, it is important that consumers stay informed about the potential side effects of these treatments,” the journal states.


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