We’ve all seen the headlines on the new regulations in China, the country with the world’s largest medicinal industry.

But in reality, the regulations don’t do much to curb the industry.

Instead, they make it more profitable and more difficult for the Chinese government to crack down.

“The regulations are just the beginning,” said John Stapleton, who runs the non-profit China Medical Products Alliance.

“This is a huge industry, and I think it will continue to grow.

I would love to see a lot more regulation and less regulations, but that’s just not the case right now.”

Stapton is a member of the China Medical Professionals Alliance, which is lobbying for stronger regulations.

The Chinese government has been cracking down on the Chinese medicinal industry in recent years.

The new regulations, which are effective July 1, are meant to bring more competition to the industry, which accounts for roughly a quarter of all medical products sold in China.

The regulations target manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, and have prompted some companies to cut jobs or lay off employees.

However, many experts believe the regulations will do little to limit the industry’s expansion.

“These regulations are very restrictive,” said Dr. Robert Hsiao, a cardiologist and a member and board member of China Medical Professions Association.

“I don’t think they will have much of an effect on this market, and they won’t stop the industry from growing.”

The Chinese Medicines Association is a trade group that represents medical professionals.

Its president, Liu Zhenhua, told Recode that the regulations “will not prevent Chinese companies from expanding into other countries.”

He said the regulations are intended to curb China’s growing health care sector, and that the group does not support their implementation.

Hsiao said the Chinese Medicinals Association will continue its work to lobby for stronger regulation, and to continue pushing for stronger rules that would be easier for companies to comply with.

He said he believes the regulations, while necessary, do not go far enough.

“I think the regulations were very strong and were well drafted,” Hshea said.

“There are still a lot of regulatory issues, but at least it’s not quite as restrictive as the European Union and the United States.”

He said that Chinese health care companies are able to keep prices low because they have the “social trust” of their patients.

“The government has no reason to enforce regulations and regulations are enforced,” Hsie said.

“We think the industry should be able to survive on its own,” he added.

Hsia said that some companies have already been moving out of China.

For example, the company that manufactures herbal supplements for the U.S. has moved its headquarters to the U


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